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About Us

The Hammond Area Economic and Industrial Development District has two general missions:

  • to attract new business and industry to the Hammond area
  • to retain and expand jobs of existing business and industries in the Hammond area

A collection of professionals, officials, and other prominent local business leaders ensure that Hammond’s best interests are preserved while seeking expansion and growth for the economy and an elevation of the per capita levels for Hammond’s residents.

Hammond is strategically positioned at the crossroads of I-12 and I-55, making it highly desirable to ANY enterprise seeking accessibility and convenience.  New attitudes and respect paid to Louisiana’s governor and virtually new legislature have fueled the fires of interest in this post Katrina refuge and safe haven for business.

Economic Developer Melody Woodworth welcomes all inquiries by phone 985.549.3160 or email info@haeidd.org

HAEIDD was formed during the regular session in 2003 as a political subdivision of the State of Louisiana by House Bill 1083, Act 1167.  The board members must be a resident of the district (city limits), be appointed by the Mayor of Hammond and approved by the Hammond City Council.    Board members consist of business men and women from all industries within the community.

The HAEIDD board meets on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 8:00am at the Southeast Louisiana Business Center.  The center is located at 1514 Martens Drive in Hammond.  All board meetings are open to the public and community participation is encouraged.

The HAEIDD board has the ability to offer tax savings incentives to new business and/or expanding business.  

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