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Business Spotlight - Sandage Companies
Exciting! That’s how Scott Sandage of Sandage Companies describes downtown Hammond, LA.

That’s why his business is located in historic downtown Hammond. You can start your day off with a private yoga lesson and workout at Center Studio, have a delicious lunch at Tommy’s on Thomas, and go shopping at the vintage clothing store Change Clothes or Bra la Vie. From shopping to living, from law firms to the Columbia theatre, you can live, eat, play, and even stay in historic downtown Hammond.

Sandage first invested in downtown Hammond 12 years ago and has never looked back. “With every acquisition we would go into the property and evaluate the best use for it; sometimes major structural improvements were made, but more often than not it was a little painting and cleaning, and all of a sudden, potential tenants came calling. Recently, we built our new office at 219 W. Thomas St… it’s a very contemporary looking building that slid into the space perfectly”, said Sandage.

From their downtown office, Sandage and his staff manage all of their other business interests, including custom homes across three parishes and their residential building/development business. “We currently have three developments that we are focusing our ‘homes for sale’ construction on; two here in Hammond called Fox Hollow and Milan Village, and our newest in Loranger known as Wolf Lakes. These homes typically start in the 130’s.” All of their developments feature underground utilities and are regulated by a homeowners association with a set of covenants that protect the homeowner’s investment.

Sandage’s office is managed by Amanda Blakeney and Ross Downing Jr. and is open Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM.
Sandage and his staff love to have people stop in and take a look at the new office and discuss projects.
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