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Southeastern Louisiana University

HAMMOND – As one of the state’s largest regional institutions, Southeastern Louisiana University plays a prominent role in meeting the higher educational and cultural needs of area residents, as well working to encourage economic growth of the region.

In fact, helping to lead the economic development of southeast Louisiana is a part of the university’s formal mission statement.

From alignment of degree programs and continuing education courses with area workforce objectives to the operation of an award-winning business center that’s a model of private-public cooperation, Southeastern is providing area employers with valuable resources to expand and grow their businesses.

Students as of Fall 2012

  • 15,602 students enrolled
  • 14,240 undergraduate students
  •   1,362 graduate students
  •       253 international students from 49 nations
  • 62% female
  • 38% male
  • 69.5% white, non-Hispanic
  • 26.7% minority
  • 22.4 average ACT score
  • Over $9.1 million in institutional scholarships received in 2011-2012
  • 74,000+ alumni

       Source:  http://www.southeastern.edu/about/general/

ACADEMIC PROGRAMSSeveral new academic programs have been added in recent years and are intended to complement the economic priorities of both the state and the region. These include:

  • Supply Chain Management – builds on the needs the region’s transportation infrastructure demands due to the location of Interstate highways, rail and barge facilities and the close proximity of a number of larger distribution centers in the area.
  • Engineering Technology – includes concentrations in industrial, construction mechanical, energy and computer science engineering technology that provide qualified, ready to work graduates prepared in using the latest technology and methods.
  • Healthcare – an RN to BS degree program offered 100 percent online assists registered nurses to obtain the bachelor’s degree sought by employers and required for advancement in the profession; an advanced diagnostic imaging program that enables registered technologist to complete the course work and clinical experience needed to be certified in the areas of CT and MRI scanning; and a newly improved Doctorate in Advanced Nursing Practice, as the industry demands for nursing administrators and faculty increase.
  • Digital Arts/Electronic Communication – programs developed to prepare students to work in areas of 2D and 3D digital design, webpage design, gaming, and all areas of electronic communication, including video, radio and television production and news.
  • Education – with one of the most highly regarded master’s programs in educational technology in the South, the university also added a doctorate in educational leadership, designed to prepare the future principals and school system administrators schooled in the latest theory of educational practice and supervision.
  • Internships/Service-Learning – Across the curriculum in all areas, Southeastern encourages the use of internships and service-learning courses, in which classroom knowledge is integrated into real-world activities, to provide students with practical experience by working in business and industry and in various non-profit organizations.
  • Extended Studies – With an understanding that learning is a lifelong pursuit, Southeastern’s Division of Extended Studies offers year-round various career enrichment programs that provide additional training for individuals and groups and may lead to certifications. The division also offers a wide range of non-credit programs for the adult learner.


Formed in 2003 and located just off the university campus, the Southeast Louisiana Business Center is a model of public-private partnership, offering a one-stop shop for businesses looking to expand or move into the area. The Business Center is home to the Louisiana Small Business Development Center, and a number of regional economic development agencies, including the Hammond Area Economic and Industrial Development District, the Tangipahoa Economic Development Foundation, and the I-12 Regional Alliance.

Among the primary features of the Business Center are:
  • Louisiana Small Business Development Center – offers educational programs throughout the year to enable businesses to keep up with the latest trends; offers free counseling and training concerning startup, business planning, financing, marketing, employees and taxes; maintains a library of handbooks and materials on business startup.
  • Business Incubator -- designed to assist new and transitioning businesses become established and profitable by providing facilities, advice, business services and support. Small business incubator residents are provided with an initial place of operation and a supportive environment in which to grow their businesses.
  • Business Research Center -- serves the area community by providing information on economic and business conditions in the local economy. Working in partnership with Southeastern researchers, the center conducts economic impact studies, industry studies, and can research a wide variety of issues for business and government.  The center publishes the Economic Reporter, a respected regional newsletter containing important economic indicators pertaining to the Interstate 12 region. The Economic Reporter also features scholarly articles addressing various business issues such as taxation, real estate, and new markets.

The Southeast Louisiana Business Center also provides other services, including: regional and community planning, business incentives assistance, aid in site location and relocation, entrepreneurial training, technology transfer and product commercialization, and workforce training programs.

For more information on the Southeast Louisiana Business Center call 985-549-3199 or contact Willian Joubert, director at wjouber@selu.edu.

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