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Various tax and other incentives are available to companies in Hammond. Call HAEIDD for more information about any of the programs below or visit our Incentives Snapshot page.

Enterprise Zone Program
This program offers $2,500 for each net, new job created and an approximate 7% rebate of state and local sales/use tax on building materials and operating equipment/machinery. (Only state sales tax rebate is guaranteed. Parish and local tax rebates must be approved by local governing body.)

Industrial Property Tax Exemption
This program abates local property taxes on a manufacturer's new investment and capitalized additions for up to ten years.

Restoration Tax Abatement
This program abates property taxes on the improvements to structures in designated historic districts, downtown districts, or Economic Development Districts for five years.

Quality Jobs Program
This program rebates a maximum of 5% of the gross payroll of a company who meets several criteria:

  1. Only certain types of businesses qualify based on their SIC code or NAICS code.
  2. The business must offer and pay a portion of employee's medical insurance.
  3. The company must create $1 million dollars minimum payroll over a three year period.

Incumbent Worker Training

Provides customized training for employees (minimum of 15) of a business or group of businesses.

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