Putting Hammond First

Here are the facts about the upcoming hotel/motel tax proposal up for vote on the November 18th ballot.

What You Need to Know

Hammond City voters will notice an item regarding a 2% hotel/motel tax on their ballot on November 18th.

Hammond Area Economic Industrial Development District is a political subdivision of the state that pursues economic development with a Hammond-first mindset. When it comes to attracting new businesses to Hammond, making it easy for them to locate and thrive here, and in turn bringing new jobs and revenue along with them -- these are all responsibilities that fall within HAEIDD’s mission. Currently Hammond Area Economic Industrial Development District is funded by a non-recurring revenue stream and the city budget.

Where does the hotel/motel tax come in? And what about the existing hotel/motel tax? Tangipahoa does already have a 4% hotel/motel tax in place, but it's dedicated to tourism. No portion goes to HAEIDD.

The tax up for approval is a Hammond-specific 2% hotel/motel tax, and would be devoted solely to economic development through HAEIDD. This tax will only apply to a stay in a hotel, motel, or at a campground within Hammond’s city limits. That means that it will rarely be paid by local residents. On an average hotel stay of $79, the tax will add just $1.58.

The tax is expected to produce steady income which HAEIDD will use solely for economic development in Hammond. That includes activities like attracting new businesses and encouraging job growth in Hammond.

Frequently asked questions

When is the vote?
November 18th

Where can I vote?
Click here to see a list of voting locations: https://voterportal.sos.la.gov/Home/VoterLogin

Isn't there already a hotel/motel tax in place?
Tangipahoa has a 4% hotel/motel tax in place, but none of the funding goes to HAEIDD.

Is this a perpetual tax?
It is, however, economic development is an ongoing task.

Won't this tax make Hammond’s hotels non-competitive?
We believe Hammond’s amenities are worth the additional 2%, and the small tax will not deter visitors.

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